Sunset At Sea

We glided through blue, emerald waters,
Leaving a dancing trail of snow-white froth
Behind us; the menace of expanse blue,
Stretched as far and wide as the eyes could see,
And there was such a deadly calm and peace,
Mixed with pleasant splashing of waters too.

A very gentle cool breeze swirled around,
Ruffling through my hair with salty fingers,
And flirting with me in the evening's light;
There were no flying seagulls anymore,
The last one had left us when we left port,
A lovely golden gull in farewell flight.

The sky above was a living mosaic,
Of purple, pink, red, blue, yellow and gold,
One could almost the harping angels see,
And hear them distantly singing with joy;
The tired sun glowed its fiery red,
Then slowly sank into the silent sea.

We sailed smoothly on, slicing the waters,
As alone I stood on the deck and watched
The morphing heavens go gently to sleep,
Then I was filled with such a quiet ease,
As I had never, ever felt before,
While below me, the sea was six miles deep.

(Written during my cruise days in the 1970's)