Childhood Days

When I was a kid, we lived in the countryside,
Near a school and field, with a bicycle to ride,
And various trees and bushes and flowers where
Trees with fruits like cherries and mangosteens were there;
And nearby down a slope flowed a gentle stream,
(Surely every young boy's adventurous dream),
Where tiny things and fighting fishes we could find,
Among weeds and moss and stones they were hidden behind;
We played cowboys and indians with made-up names,
Many hide and seek and fighting, wrestling games,
We had runs and climbs and swings and jumps and falls,
Over fences and hedges and roofs and walls;
Before we slept, watched falling stars and soft moonlight,
(Nature's awesome shows have always been my delight),
All these joys and times of course have long since gone,
Only memories of my childhood days linger on.