After Life Meeting

Will I see you in a park,
When life is gone and all is dark,
The last rites have been made,
Final blessings have been said,
The last bells have been rung,
The last songs have been sung?

Will I see you and your smile,
Even if it's just a while,
Or will you be really gone,
When we are finally done?
Never to meet again?
Never more to feel the pain?

Dare I hope that you and I
Will never say goodbye?
Will I see you on a beach,
Waiting for me within my reach,
And will I have a chance to see,
You once more just for me?

Will we stroll hand in hand,
Cross sunny streams in a distant land,
And kiss again just like before,
Love each other forever more?
Will you be there?
Will we meet again .....
Somewhere .....?