Depression, Courage, Love

Away! Vanish! Depressing mood,
Why am I sitting here to brood?
The wheel of life around me turns,
But in my heart depression burns.

Go away! Set my thinking free,
And take your shackles off from me!
I won't succumb to your embrace,
I will not stare into your face.

No! I shall look up to the sky,
And Courage - give me leave to fly
To you! Or come to me again,
And Strength, don't let me call in vain!

My mind is a traitorous thing,
It's my slave yet again my king,
I shall be master of my fate,
And I shall love, I will not hate.

Love, take me in your cuddling arms,
Fill me full with your soothing charms,
So I can stand and walk away,
With courage face another day.