The Green Light In The Jungle

He had wandered into the jungle,
And it was getting very late at night,
He couldn't find his way out again,
And there was just nobody else in sight.

"Oh no! I'm completely lost", he thought
And quickly his panic started to rise,
But he knew he had to keep quite calm,
Or he would surely pay a deadly price.

An hour later, having stumbled,
Through thorns and bushes as he blindly trekked,
He suddenly felt an eerie silence
That made all the hair rise on his neck.

It was then he saw the bright green light,
Floating high in the tree tops on one side,
Which seemed to beckon silently to him,
While his mounting fear he tried to hide.

The small light was shining steadily,
and he felt a very strange calmness,
spreading throughout his entire body
and then he lost his fear of the darkness.

Slowly the floating light moved on ahead,
He followed it as if in a trance,
And after some ten minutes had gone by
He suddenly found a trail by chance.

The green light kept guiding him forward,
And the narrow path was getting smoother,
Soon he was out and his sense of dread
of being lost was gone altogether.

He searched all over for the spirit glow,
But the strange light was completely gone,
He was sound and safe and happy now,
He felt as if a new life had been born.