I feel sad for children everywhere,
For their trust and innocence so rare,
Their weaknesses when they meet
The evil lurking on every street.
For those enslaved and all forgotten,
By greedy selfish minds gone rotten.

I feel sad for women everywhere,
For their loving nature and beauty fair,
And the devilish deeds men will make,
To satisfy their lusts on whom they take,
And all the horrors they inflict,
On their females for their own conceit.

I feel sad for all the men out there,
Who have no guilt and couldn't care,
They know not what is wrong or right
And cannot see the darkness from the light,
They dare not go against their kind,
Each with his own tormented mind.

As long as decent people do not dare,
To make a move or show they care,
To erase each evil that is found,
To fight the horrors all around,
To make the world a better place,
Then everyone should hide his face.