Lanterns In The Night

It is on the fifteenth day of
the Chinese eighth lunar month,
When The Mid-Autumn Festival
Every year begins, never too soon;
It's the time when people everywhere meet
to gaze and worship the month's full moon.

Families and friends from far and wide,
Gather around with thanks and prayers,
And with picnic baskets by the side,
In parks and homes' open places bright,
Celebrate with lotus cakes and lanterns
under the auspicious full moon's light;
The mooncakes are usually sweet and round,
Though many modern cakes are today
more varied and not so tradition bound.

The paper lanterns are smartly made with
transparent paper in various shapes,
And strongly glued and held together
with wire, bamboo, string and tapes,
in brilliant colours green, red and gold,
in forms of fishes, rabbits, roosters,
aeroplanes, lions and dragons bold.

And in each lantern burns a candle light,
So children having enjoyed their cakes,
Will carry and play and have their fun,
With lighted lanterns in the night.

(Mid-Autumn Festival)