The Grasshopper

I was nodding off in the garden, when
The green grasshopper suddenly appeared,
He had hopped onto the plastic table,
And sat looking puzzled and slightly weird.

Well, he didn't move so I said to him,
"So how are you my little insect friend?
And oh please, will you kindly tell me why,
On my humble plastic table you did land?"

The silent fellow didn't answer me,
Perhaps, he didn't, couldn't understand,
So I thought I would try another way,
To let him know he was a new found friend.

"So are you feeling good today?" I asked,
But he just looked at me without reply,
Perhaps he did not expect me to talk,
I was sure he could not imagine why.

For seconds he just stared, another hop,
And he was landing gently on my lap,
Then up he hopped again and he was gone,
So I sat back and continued my nap.