Common Sense

There are many things we should do
And many things that we should not
All these things crop up every day
But if we are not so careful
We meet disaster on the way.

Every day in our lives
Never should we ever assume
That everyone around is sane
And will always think or behave
Like us or Kim or Bill or Jane.

It is so often you can see
The silly things that people do
Not waiting for traffic to change
Dashing across a busy road
Just taking senseless risks insane.

Or someone crossing close behind
Ignoring the reversing car
Thinking the driver he should wait
Thinking the driver he should see
So when he doesn't, it's too late.

Unneccessary accidents
Daily events around the world
In field, in office, in the house
While playing, working, or cleaning
Sometimes, it's more savvy the mouse.

So it's always disconcerting
How some people can simply make
Thoughts and actions so plainly dense
And one gets really lost for words
For actions lacking common sense.