The Chinese Wedding Dinner

The bride and groom welcomed their guests,
In the dining reception hall,
The bride was lovely, short and fat,
The groom was very thin and tall.

The guests arrived at eight-thirty,
The dinner was to start at nine,
Everyone was so smartly dressed.
All the women were looking fine.

The first course was a cold salad,
With algae and some veges green,
It was followed with bowls of soup,
Piping hot from the chef's tureen.

Then the main courses were started,
Each round was an excellent dish,
There were chicken and beel and pork,
And of course the steamed ginger fish.

The final course to end the meal,
Was the fried noodles and fried rice,
Ending with generous fresh fruits,
So the dinner was really nice.

Drinks, liqour and wine flowed feely,
So they were all drunk happily,
And when the dinner had ended,
Each guest was bloated as could be.