Books With Paper

I was highly addicted to books,
Reading had always been my pleasure,
Since the time I was a growing boy,
Many a book I had was treasure,
And I could be so very happy
With just any book as company.

I searched for my books in many shops,
I joined all the town's library clubs,
I gladly frequented them with friends,
As drinkers frequent the drinking pubs,
And when possible I attended
Book sales events before they ended.

A book is the perfect friend to have,
Its full information is never lost,
Knowledge it imparts to everyone,
Healthwise it's with very little cost,
Though books today are cash expensive,
The simple joys they give are impressive.

Books with paper and printed pages,
Even without the Web we can access,
At home, at work, in travels, anywhere,
Without physical and mental stress,
With no glaring screen the eyes to strain,
No radiation to damage the brain.

For though electronic books are here
With ample topics of every kind,
They have too many optical faults,
And often a nuisance too I find,
So for myself, I know exactly why,
My books with paper will never die.