An Ode To Taipeng

A most fascinating place is Taipeng,
It's north of Kuala Lumpur on the map,
With its many varied fine attractions,
It is a truly fun-filled tourist trap.

In the centre of this Malaysian town,
Are its Zoo and its famed Gardens and Lake,
Where lovers and locals often gather,
In their romantic beauty to partake.

And there is for the adventurous soul,
A Mangrove Forest with wooden bridges,
We can trek excitingly all around,
And marvel at nature's swampy creatures.

Then for all the hill climbing devotees,
Maxwell Hill waits daringly by the side,
One can climb puffing away to the top,
Or take the easy way out with a ride.

During these excursions when hunger comes,
Culinary problems do not exist,
In this exhilarating peaceful town,
All kinds of tempting local foods persist.