An Ode To Jonker Walk

In the centre of a Malaysian town,
For three exciting evenings in a week,
A magical paradise will emerge,
For visitors to have a week-end peek.

Dawdling trishaws playing disco music,
Decorations with flashing lights await
Amused and bemused tourists and locals
Who want to enjoy a romantic date.

In the shops and streets you will meet sellers,
With trinkets and treasures of every kind,
And thoughtful buyers indulge their pleasures,
Satisfied and happy with what they find.

Foodstalls are plainly spread out everywhere,
And tempting scents fill the air to entice,
Curious hungry strollers wandering there,
With noodles, soups, fries, sweets and chicken rice.

Apart from food, drinks, souvenirs and toys,
Music, dancers, dancing, singing abound,
Shows and exhibitions are always there,
Excitements pounce on you at every round.

Monday morning all revert to normal,
And visitors who have been can't disguise,
Their memorable time in Jonker Walk,
Melaka's fun-filled week-end paradise!