I, Computer

My power button you have pressed,
My Pentium brain begins to whirr,
You, my boss, have just awakened me,
All my senses start to stir.

I flash my eyes and quickly beep,
To show I'm fully now awake,
And I have to prepare my mind,
Many seconds that would take.

I fill my face with many colours,
I lay out all my loaded signs,
To show you I am ready now,
For words, numbers and designs.

Though you can type so very fast,
Faster than you I will always be,
I am ever ready with results,
Every time you hit a key!

But sometimes to me you give,
Conflicting commands, dear boss,
Then I get very much confused,
For you leave me at a loss.

My programmes will then rebel,
At times they go right back to sleep,
And I leave you all frustrated,
But my cool I always keep.

But if you're good and kind to me,
We can surely work together,
And I will always obey you boss,
Though - not really quite forever!