The Workshop In The Sky

There is a wonderful workshop,
Sitting above clouds in the sky,
But you cannot ever see it,
No matter what manner you try.

There, working angels try to solve,
Woes of people like you and I,
For every person on this earth,
Has an angel who hears him cry.

You cannot even estimate,
The confused thoughts that people send,
Each moment of the night and day,
For their guardian angels to mend.

There are questions on work and play,
Feelings of envy, hate and love,
Happiness, sadness, hope, despair,
All needing answers from above.

Most sufferings the angels fix,
While with some of them they may fail,
'cause many woes are mendable,
But some are delicate and frail.

So problems that you can't manage,
Just think to send them way up high,
With faith and hope and confidence,
To Wonder Workshop in the sky.