The Thin Line

It is an extremely thin line,
That our world is balanced upon,
And we are walking everyday,
this fragile line that we are on;
While Virtue awaits us on one side,
Evil beckons from the other,
Our world seems quite incapable
to combat Evil altogether;
Fear, Greed, Jealousy, Corruption,
dictate the orders of the day,
Courage, Charity, Love, Honesty,
are ruthlessly thrashed along the way;
Intelligence and Common Sense
through the ages have been suppressed,
While hopeful thoughts of helpless people,
have historically been oppressed;
The fact is more than evident
that Evil is nurtured more and more
in various nations around the world,
and Virtue is not allowed in store;
If the world will not be sensible,
Finally we will tip and fall
fully in the arms of Wickedness,
and Excellence -
no more can we recall.