A Fallen World

I think we're in a fallen world,
If not we are arriving there,
Decency has been eroded,
You can just see that everywhere.

What happened to Intelligence,
That which has always existed?
And why in so many areas,
Love has given way to Hatred?

Decency and Understanding,
Wherever did these fellows go?
Patience for us selves and others,
Is becoming lower than low.

Courtesy is on its way out,
And Rudeness is taking its place,
Thinking is getting ever warped,
Vulgarity has kicked out Grace.

Greed has constantly been the king,
Stupidity is on the rise,
Idiocy is born each minute,
Few things now are happy or nice.

So with all these thriving Madness,
That is exploding everywhere,
I think we're in a fallen world,
If not, we are arriving there.