Self Defence

We live in a wild and cruel world,
Where newspapers, radio and TV rave,
Of bad guys and criminals everywhere,
Making our daily lives unsafe.

Everyday we hear of somebody,
Getting hurt, robbed, killed, maimed or drugged,
Of bad guys hiding in dark corners,
And before one knows it one gets mugged.

So it's wise to learn some kind of art,
That teaches you basic self defence,
Then you will be able to tackle,
Anyone ready to take offence.

Take lessons in a martial art,
Learn to kick and jump and jab and punch,
And you can easily beat the bad guy
Who tries to rob you on your way to lunch.

But remember, there is still one thing,
That after all the lessons you have learnt,
When the bad guy has a gun and shoots you,
You will still be very badly burnt.