I, Robot

Beware, all of you out there,
For I am now here to stay,
You humans created me,
And the future is my day.
You have given me a brain,
And made me intelligent,
You have human emotions,
I am fully indifferent.

My electronical brain
Makes me superior to you,
No matter how fast you think,
I can think much faster too.
In your body you have strength,
Strong you physically are,
But you have kindly made me,
Much stronger than you by far.
You know you get hungry too,
Which will make you very weak,
But that won't happen to me,
And for food I never seek.

So now that you know it all,
Should you really be afraid,
Of the superior being
That you have cleverly made?
But maybe you need not be,
It's you I depend upon,
For all my superiority,
To switch my battery on!