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Adventures in poetry with sonnets, limericks, quatrains, haiku, odes 

and compositions serious, light, humorous, and fantasy on 

everything under the sun, moon and stars!

Welcome to my poetry site. I am a Malaysian and residing in Milan in Italy. I have been writing poems for myself as a hobby ever since I was around 16 years old. Poetry, besides conjuring and martial arts, is just one of many hobbies that I have. I enjoy most writing styles and constantly experiment with them so I will be updating them very often.

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                               My Poems
                               (Updated on 28th July, 2020)

(Haikus in redLimericks in green, Quatrains in blue,  all other Poems in black) 

Haikus (20)   

Autumn    Breeze    Clouds    Dark Night    Earthquake    Flowers    

Full Moon Rising    Lake    Lightning    Midnight    Rain    

Rainbow    Shooting Star    Snow    Starry Night    

Sunlight    Thunderclap    Tsunami    Water    Waves 

Limericks (17)

A Bat In Nanking    A Dolphin Called Debbie    A Fighting Kangaroo    

A Small Girl Named Sue    Black Clouds And No Rain    I Saw A Little Lark    

Mother Ghost And Baby Ghost    Robin Hood    Supergirl    The Fly In The Bar    

The Frog    The Kite and The Bird    The Little Elf    The Owl    

The Salmon And The Kingfisher    The Three Witches    Wonder Woman  

Quatrains (18)

   A Bowl Of Hot Soup    A Dragon In The Sky    An Impromptu Kiss    

Evening Sun And Moon    Fiends From Hell    Hand Gesture    

I Don't Want To Be Rich    Moody Nature    No Immediate Answer    

Not Sleeping Right    Quiet Stars    Right And Wrong    

The Ceiling Fan    The Light    The Witch    

Tim and Tom    To Live Again    Yellow Traffic Light

All Other Poems (152)

A Fairy Tale    A Fallen World    A Game With Rubber Bands    

A Hidden Paradise    A Lovely Dream    A Summer's Evening Sky

A Wondrous Waterfall    After A Snowy Night    

After Life Meeting    Alien    Amazon Women    An Act Of Kindness    

An Ode To Blood    An Ode To Dog    An Ode To Jonker Walk

An Ode To Melaka    An Ode To Singapore    An Ode To Taipeng    


At Break Of Dawn    Banknotes In The Sky    Beautifully Peaceful    

Black Seaside    Books With Papers    By The Sea    Candle Light    

Careful Thinking    Changed Dreams    Childhood Days    

Christmas Lights    Christmas Tree    Coffee In The Air    

Cold Star    Colours And Lights    Communication    

Common Sense    Demons In The Night     

Depression, Courage, Love    Destination    Destiny Doubts    

Detached    Dragon Book Ends    Dream Call  

Early Morning Sunlight    Egoism Extreme    

Elfin Land    Enjoying Nature    Enjoy Your Life    Equal    

Expectations    Farewell    Feeling Unsocial    Feelings Of The Past    

Firefly    Forgetful    Fork And Spoon    Full Moon    Halloween    

Happiness    I, Computer    I, Robot    If You Could Fly

Santa Claus    Seaside Days    Self Defence    Setting Sun    

Shame    Shellfish     Silence    Snowflakes In The Night    

Snowman    So Sad    Split Personality    

Squirrels' Play    Summer's Fireworks    Sunlight Rays    

Sunset At Sea    Sunset Peace    The Amusement Park    The Bat

The Beauty Of Silence    The Black Cat In The Room    The Budgerigar  

The Butterfly      

The Charlatan Fortune Teller    The Chinese Wedding Dinner    

The Circus Is Coming To Town    The Crooked Man    The Doubt    

The Evil Mind    The Flight Of An Arrow    The Gold Rimmed Wine Glass    

The Golden Seagull    The Grasshopper    

The Green Light In The Jungle    The Hawk    

The Little Ship In The Bottle    The Ms Rasa Sayang Disaster 1977    

The Old Man and Us

The Perfect Pair    The Pigeon    The Poker Players    The Postman    

The Rainbow    The Seasons    The Shining Patch In The Sky    

The Spider and The Fly    The Sun    The Thin Line    

The Unloved    The Weekly Raven    The Werewolf    

The Woodpecker    The Workshop In The Sky    Thinking New

Thoughts At Sea    Too Late    True Love    Twilight Mind    

Walking On Water    Watching TV In Bed    White Cloud, Black Cloud   

 Why    Wine    Wretched    Young Girl On A Horse

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